Monday, April 2, 2007

Deer Horn Slingshots/My Husband is a Little Too Creative/My Kids Will Probably Lose an Eye by Tonight

Let's just say we are taking Family Home Evening to a new level tonight (or "Family Ho Nee Nee" as Dallin calls it). Somehow Jason got the idea to fashion slingshots out of deerhorns and rubber tubing to teach the kids about David and Goliath. FYI - the smell of chiseling down deer horns with a hot grinder is disturbingly similar to the smell of getting a tooth fixed at the dentist's office. Ew. Anyway, Jason is now in the process of building a life-size target out of a giant box (in case he gets tired of being Goliath, I guess). The ammunition is going to be little pom-pom-like balls of fuzz. I asked Jason if he had tried them out yet and he said, "Duh, I just hit you with them like 5 times, where were you?" and Dallin said, "Mom, I think you are losing your head-bum." Does that give you an idea of the kind of respect I get around here? Sigh. Well, I will keep you posted on the results of our little mock-battle tonight. What's next week, you ask? Probably Ammon chopping off everybody's arms. I think I really am losing my head-bum.

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Steven said...

Ha ha...I love Jason's ideas for FHE, and I love how Dallin says FHE (Family Home NEE NEE) Ha ha! The comments by Steve are really by me (Kristen) so don't think you have some weirdo looking at your blog!