Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Luke, come out of the closet!

I'm the first to admit that I have strange children. Lately, for some reason, Luke's favorite place to be is in the pantry. He just goes in and closes the door behind him and stands there in the dark. After a while, if he gets bored, he will start knocking, since he hasn't figured out yet how to get out (maybe it's too dark to see the handle). Dallin and I had quite the scare a few weeks ago when Luke disappeared for a good ten minutes and we couldn't find him anywhere. We searched the house over and over yelling his name, every once in a while hearing a little peep but we couldn't tell where it was coming from (did he get in the dryer, is he outside, where in the world could he be...), until finally, I opened the pantry and he was just standing there, as cool as a cucumber, with a huge smile on his face. Now at least we know where to look when he disappears.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha.....I absolutely love this pic of Luke. How did he get so cute?? Well, he's always been cute, but he gets cuter every day. And your house looks so cute in all your pictures...cannot wait until I can be there!

Aaron said...

luke is so cute
he does get in the pantry a lot when i am there
i need some more pictures too