Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Vote for Blake!

I've always thought it was kind of lame when people got all wrapped up in American Idol and were way obsessed with a certain contestant and acted like they were going to die if someone got voted off. I mean, who cares. Get a life. Well, that was before I got TiVo... Now, I'm like come on Blake Lewis, don't let me down!!!! You ARE the next American Idol, or I will DIE. I'm not even joking. I think I love him. Not really, Jason, if you are reading this, I just think he has a really good voice. And personality. But Jason is actually just as wrapped up in the show as I am. Last week I watched an episode live without waiting for him to come home and I thought we were going to get divorced (okay, he really wasn't that mad). Fortunately, we stuck it out through the weekend and this week I decided to wait and watch it with him after the kids are in bed. It's actually kind of fun to have something that we share and can talk about that isn't kids, work, house, cars, money, bills, taxes, blah, blah, and blah. It's like we're dating again and we have a common interest. And there are still 7 weeks left of marital bliss. I feel so blessed.

On a different note:
Confidential to Larry Birkhead - Congratulations, I knew it all along!!!!!!! If you need any help with Little D, you know where to find me.


Christensen Family said...

You are so stinking funny....I was laughing so hard reading this. (only because we are the SAME way....) We love Blake, too!! Don't you remember when we stopped by to pick up the boat key from Jason (your Jason)....and he was totally making FUN of us for having to hurry and rush home to watch American Idol? Remember, I begged him to run in your house and check to see who was voted off?? Back in those horrible days without TiVo, huh?? hee hee We now have about three or four shows that we HAVE to watch together or it causes major problems. hee hee We're like that with Lost, too. Oh well, enough rambling for me. This just totally cheered me up....I have been having a yucky day. Thank you!!

Aaron said...

I didnt get to watch it because i was at mutual but i agree Vote for Blake!

J. said...

I knew your life would be significantly better with TIVO! Honestly, I don't know how I ever lived without it and I feel bad for the pioneers of television who did not get to experience it.

I don't hate Blake, but the 311 junk has got to end. I hate 311 and therefore can only watch about 1/3 of Blake's performances without gagging. However, I really think he has the best shot. Melinda and Jordin are my favs now that Sanjaya is gone (I really love him!). But I don't think they have the personalities to be an "idol". Okay I better quite before I give my opinion on them all!

Ryan said...

Sorry I didn't vote for Blake. I feel like I have failed you--and America.