Friday, November 16, 2007

A little friendly correspondence with my mail carrier

I got this little paper in my mailbox a while back and I came across it again the other day. I share it with you today in appreciation of my mail carrier. Bless her heart, illiterate as it may be. It reads:

Mail carrier: "You box need move to right spot"

Me: "Where is right spot?" (I was trying to keep it simple)

Mail carrier: "On you house left side. so if new house they can with together"

I guess we need to do this soon because we actually are getting neighbors on the other side of us, so our lucky little mailbox can "with together" with the other mailbox. I'm really excited because I don't know what that means and I think it will be fun to watch. I'm just grateful for our mail carrier because she left this note last spring when the ground was still frozen (that was our excuse to not move it) and she is still delivering the mail even though we haven't done what she asked. So we'll have to get around to it one of these days before the ground freezes up again and we have to wait another six months. Another little benefit of our correspondence is that I don't ever have to worry that she is reading our mail, because, well, that's probably not even possible. I love the U.S. Postal Service.


Julia said...

I'm surprised she's so kind and will still deliver your mail. You better move to right spot soon.

Our mail guy left us a note that Mysha (dog) chased his mail truck and tried to leap on the back and that he was terrified for his life. And then refused to deliver mail for awhile, although he WOULD deliver the neighbors mail with whom we share a mailbox..... Now I know Mysha is kind of a wonder dog, but, dear mail carrier, you were in a car...driving away...i think you are being just a bit generous with your tales of super-dog strength.

Anyway, he left us a really mean note about "teeth" "gums" "flying animals" etc. After Jeff called the post office several times, he started delivering again. I think we won.

Christensen Family said...

You're so funny. We have had HORRIBLE mailmen/mailwomen ;o) in the past...but we're lucky now to have a wonderful guy who never ever loses my packages, and is so nice to us. I guess it's kinda sad when you order so much that the mail people become your friends, huh?? Oh well.... When I lived in my first house when Matthew was a baby, I remember the post office being such brats about where our mailbox was, too. It was ridiculous. Good luck!! least you're still getting your mail though!!

Andrea said...

Thats funny! Dont you love those things? I always get them about my garbage can from the garbage man!

Aaron said...

That is great! you will have to move it before she starts reading your mail!

a-anderson said...

That makes me laugh. I am surprised you even knew what she was saying.

WeTheTeeples said...

That is so funny! I think she knows we are friends and is punishing us for you not moving your mailbox. Our mail is so sparadic, sometimes we get it, sometimes we don't, and a few times we get stuff like a month late. I have had many issues with the mail people since we have lived here. The Lehi Postal system is TERRIBLE.
but at least they gave us all a good laugh:)