Friday, May 9, 2008

Some years about me

This tag is from my beautiful cousin Julia who has a secret and won't tell me. But I am going to do the post anyway. I'm sure when she decides to divulge, I will be the first one to know because I did the tag. So here goes.

20 years ago:
I was 11 and just finishing up the sixth grade at Mountain View Elementary in Burley. Sixth grade was a bad year for me. The three B's about sum it up: Braces, Bad perm, and Bon Jovi (that was the year he got married, I remember I was so mad). I still remember a substitute teacher telling us that the two boys who always got in trouble and had to sit in the "naughty chairs" or whatever, would end up in prison. They probably did, just because she said that. Maybe I should google them and see if I can figure it out.

10 years ago:
Finishing up my sophomore year at BYU and getting ready to go to London for my summer term at the BYU London Center (it is actually spelled "centre" but oh, that bugs me, so I refuse to spell it that way). I loved that summer so much! I wish I could have it back.

5 years ago:
My firstborn, Dallin, was 3 months old. I was working from home doing web design for the State of Utah and totally and completely loving my life.

3 years ago:
Dallin was 2 and I was pregnant with Lukie, just getting past the yucky sick stage. We were living in our old house. I loved that neighborhood! Yes, I know it is only 3 miles away and I know a lot of people from that ward better now than I did when I lived there, but I still miss it!

1 year ago:
I was pregnant with Abby and just getting past the yucky sick stage. I had just found out I was having a girl. I was the assistant camp director and trying to figure out all the food for camp so I could go and check it off my list and not have to worry about young women any more (ha ha!). The weeds in our yard were sprouting nicely. I'm glad it's not last summer!

So far this year:
I don't feel like I have had more than 5 minutes of spare time. We finally got our yard put in. Abby has been sleeping through the night since Valentine's Day. Dallin graduated from preschool. Luke puts me in time out on a regular basis. Jason made his first hunting movie and is getting ready to sell it. And me? I made an apron.

Did laundry. Ordered some wheat and thought about rice. Got my hair cut. Did some Young Women's stuff. Planted my potatoes. Helped Jason put together the kids' new play set (if you've never heard my husband swear, I think he is going to be working on it again today - come on over!). Cut out some muslin to start a new stitching project. Cleaned the house. Hung out with three of my favorite peeps (Alison, Julia & Teresa) and ate Cafe Rio at Alison's house while the kids ran around like tornadoes. Fell into bed completely exhausted without watching The Office.

Looking forward to watching The Office from last night with Jason (we're not allowed to watch it without each other. We usually watch it twice so we don't miss anything. We actually haven't even watched last week's episode yet! I'm so excited.). Going visiting teaching at 10. Finishing the laundry. Working on the play set. Getting the outside windows cleaned if it doesn't rain, and yes, I am paying someone to it! Making the dreaded trip to Wal Mart. Going to help clean a friend's house, which will be bittersweet, but I'm looking forward to it.

This year:
Abby's surgery at the end of the month. Not going to Lake Powell with my family (sniff sniff!). Not going to girls camp, which is more stressful than actually going! Having a wonderful summer playing outside with my kids and letting the house go to pot. I can't wait for my garden! I'm secretly planting some sunflowers and I hope Jason doesn't rip them out because he hates them and thinks they are weeds, but they make me happy so I think I should have them. The Cassia County Fair is on the agenda for August, of course. We are taking the kids to Kansas in the fall for our family trip this year (can't wait!!!). And of course I'm planning on enjoying every minute with my beautiful kids and great husband!!!

I tag... you. If you feel like it. Maybe I will tell you a secret if you do!


Steph N. said...

I loved this post, well I love anything you post really!

Lindsay said...

I loved learning more about you. Ok so what's the deal. Is part of this tag that you have to have a secret to get others to do it? Because I have a secret, and I also want to know yours!

Julia said...

Yay. And that does suck that Bon Jovi got married, but there were so many other rockers out there without bandanna-wigs yet. You could have been hanging with CC and Bret.

The office was pretty good. Jeff and I used to watch it together, but now we usually don't get a chance. I don't know how you have time for everything you do. Jason made a hunting video? I hope it is something like that George Harrison video.

Last night was so fun. I'm sorry you were so tired. Maybe next time we'll do something sans kids. Pedicures??

Anne Marie said...

No, secrets don't have anything to do with the tag, but maybe we should add that... do the tag, tell a secret. ha ha.

Christie said...

I'm afraid if I told my secrets no one would want to read my blog anymore.

And I cannot believe a teacher could say that (the prison thing).

Oh - and I miss our old neighborhood too. Although I always knew we wouldn't be there forever, I sometimes wish we had stayed

Heidi said...

Woa, woa, woa.. Anne marie and Lindsay-- Are you guys prego!? ;)

Anne Marie, you really inspire me. What a life you have! I am convinced we should be better friends. You are so fun & such a good person-- I am grateful for blogging to get to know you better, because its a treat! :)

janae said...

Wow! You've been busy and I love your pretty apron. So funny that you get put in time out. It actually sounds kind of good! Love The Office. It makes me laugh so hard.

a-anderson said...

Love reading your tag. You are alway getting so much done and you make everying seem so easy. Cassia County Fair--I am so sad this is the fist year, in I don't even know how long, I am going to miss it. Eat a scone and a maple bar for me.

carrie said...

I loved reading this. :o) I learn new and fun things about you all the time. I, too, remember when Bon Jovi got married. ha ha That's so funny..... I want Julia to tell her secret, talk her into it!! :o) I drove by your house last night, and your yard looked GREAT, by the way. I wish I could watch Jason put up the swingset. ;o) I'm sure he'll do a great job though. I love these tag things. Maybe I'll try it.... I've been in a major blogging rut. ha ha

Rencher Fam said...

Hi Anne Marie! I was excited to see your post! I just have to tell you that I love your blog! You have such a way with words and are just so funny! I am one of your loyal readers!:) By the way, I am impressed with the apron. When I saw the pics, it made me want to try to make one. I'm not sure if mine would turn out as cute as yours though!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for you to come back to Kansas and with your cute, cute kiddies. I love learning about all the bad b's in your life - especially Bon Jovi. It makes me laugh! And when you find out jlpc's secret - give me a call or better yet, just post it on the Price Fam Website...ha ha..jk jlpc. Love!

Williams Family said...

First of all, your apron you made is too cute. I love it. You should make them & sell them. I would buy a couple. Fun post as always. It is fun to learn more about you. I loved the invitation to hear Jason swear. So funny!

Holly said...

i remember bon jovi and his tight pants !!! loved it.. its great to here about you and your family sound s like your doing really well.. i live the office every day

Andrea said...

I was so glad when you said you were haveing someone else clean the outside windows, it made me feel so much better because if you were cleaning them it ment that I could clean mine and I REALLY dont want too! I tried to find you on Friday night to say good bye but I guess I didnt look hard enough. I was excited to see you!
This was a great post I learn more about you with every one of them

Jenny W said...

As always, I love your posts! Too funny about Jason and swearing! CAN'T WAIT for Saturday!!!!

WeTheTeeples said...

I learn more about you all the time. And it is so fun. I think you should do a tag post once a week. You have such an exciting life. And you are absolutely amazing. Do you ever sit down and relax?
I can't imagine Jason swearing. He is just so calm all the time.

Aaron said...

I loved this post, it really lets me know what your real life was like, and now I know that you truly are AMAZING! haha now I have one so you will have to look at it!