Thursday, May 27, 2010

Luke's Preschool Graduation

I don't know why preschool graduation always makes me so emotional. It's not like it's a college graduation, or like I'm never going to see this child again. It's just that, well, I'll never see this child graduate from preschool again. Until next year. And by then, things will be totally different. Luke had a great year at Little Learner's Preschool and I will miss picking him up at Mrs. Jensen's house and hearing about all his adventures. He did a great job remembering his lines for the big graduation program and had a shy little smile through the whole ceremony.
On the way to graduation, Luke said, "Mom, we have to sing a song that has a naughty word in it and I don't want to say it." I asked him what the word was. He whispered, "Bottom. We have to say 'Bottoms up'. And I don't want to say it." I told him that he could do the rest of the song, but just not say that part. Well, when it got to that part of the "Tooty-ta", he completely shut down.
The rest of the song was fine, but after that part he just stood there and looked embarrassed. He later told me that he likes to shake his bum, but not put it up in the air. Which is just fine, I told him.

Luke LOVED being in the same class with his cousin Halli. He is going to miss her next year when she goes to kindergarten. He still doesn't understand why it isn't okay to marry cousins. I guess I'll save that discussion for a later date because it always ends in tears at this point.

Jason's mom came to help celebrate the big day. Dallin was at school, so he had to miss out.

Luke and his teacher, Mrs. Jensen.

Oh, my little Luke, don't grow up so fast!!!


carrie said...

He is so stinking CUTE and grown up!! I still remember when you brought him home from the hospital. I love all the photos. You look great, by the way!

Hubba's Thoughts said...

I love that top picture!! He's so cute!

WeTheTeeples said...

Congrats, little Luke! He is so cute and such a funny little kid.
I feel your pain. Tomorrow is Eli's graduation and I am sure I will be very emotional. They just grow up way too fast. But, what can we do?

Anonymous said...

seriously the crying just doens't end at preschool. i was emotional at myia's end of they year parent literacy day. congradulations luke!

Tara said...

I have had withdrawls from no blog posts from you so don't go so long again, k? =) We are getting super old. Preschool graduation is a toughie! Congrats to the little buddy. Also, cousin love is alright. I have Indian red-neck cousins (1st cousins, mind you) that married and their daughter did not come out blue! BONUS!

Alicia said...

So cute, that little Luke. It's too funny that he gets so embarrassed saying 'bottom'. Your blogs always make me laugh!