Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Timp Archery Range

On Monday night we had a fun little adventure up to the Timp Archery Range in Provo Canyon. We cooked hot dogs and shot bows and enjoyed the beautiful night. It was funny because the wind was so strong down in the valley, and there were thunderclouds rolling in. I thought we were crazy for even attempting to go up there. But once we were there, the storms all headed east and there was no wind. It was calm and perfect and we had so much fun.

Dallin is a little pro. He puts us all to shame.
Abby found a little pair of butterfly wings at the picnic area and wore them upside down most of the night. She and her little cousin Taylor had fun running around and keeping their moms busy chasing them.
My beautiful sisters, Shayna and Teresa, with Taylor. They were both expert shooters with my bow. They will be moving in with me for a few weeks between semesters and I can't wait!!
Even Abby had to shoot a few times. Jason got so excited about her shooting that he went home and ordered a tiny bow just for her. Oh dear. It begins.
Dallin, my brother Ryan's little Katelyn, and Luke. Katelyn loves shooting and running around with the boys. She is so fun to have around.
My brother Ryan and cute little Taylor. I didn't get any pictures of his wife, Christa. She was listening for their little one-month-old baby Andrew most of the time so she didn't get to go traipsing around in the woods. She's a good sport.
Me with my sweet little Abby. I only shot once that night and the string hit my left elbow and I swore I would never shoot again. But I've said that before. I'm still waiting for an impressive bruise to develop.
And there's Luke, with the storm in the background. The rain started as we drove down the hill after 9 pm. Such luck!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Camping at Lagoon

Every year Jason's work has "Lagoon Day" on Memorial Day. This year we decided to pull the trailer up and spend the night at the Lagoon Campground so we would be ready to hit the park bright and early. It was such a good time! The kids were in heaven.

When Abby is really happy, she hops instead of walks. You can tell in this picture that she is just thrilled.

What a nut.

The campground is right outside the little "zoo" area, and the kids loved going out and looking at the animals. Plus, it was nice that we weren't quite close enough for the llamas to spit on Dallin, which has happened in years past. Not joking. What kind of a llama spits on a two-year-old? I mean really, Lagoon. We should have pressed charges. We could OWN Lagoon right now. I know the first change I would make. It would involve background checks at the campground.

There is some kind of rule in my family that at least one person has to be making a weird face in every single picture. I've given up on trying to get everyone to look normal. Sorry. Dallin must be having a flashback of the llama spit in this picture because he looks slightly out of it.

Jason and the kids had a rocking game of How to Train Your Dragon while I read my book. What could be more perfect?

The weather at the park on Monday was so nice. Warm, but just overcast enough that we didn't need sunscreen. I know, I know, you can still get burned though the clouds, blah blah blah. Whatever. No you can't. Or else I would be laying out in my yard right now.

Luke's version of a "smile".

I can't believe these little boats haven't sunk in the 30+ years they have been floating around this ride. I remember riding in them when I was this age.

See what I mean about weird faces? Both of them. Seriously.

I'll be honest. I normally hate Lagoon, and all theme parks for that matter. The lines, the crowds, the whiny kids, the abusive animals... But this day was different. It was actually and truly a good time. I love days like that!

Dallin's Last Day of First Grade

My little Dallin finished the first grade last week! I need therapy to get my through my kids growing up. I can't deal with it. I know it's a good thing, but I'm so sad. He can't be done with the first grade, because then he'll go on to the second grade, and that is practically adulthood. Once you learn your times tables, you may as well just move out of the house because you are no longer a child. I am so proud of him, though. He loved this school year, and he had a great teacher, Miss Oliekan. She was so kind to him, and was a good sport when every journal entry and every art assignment was somehow related to hunting. She told me she learned a lot this year!
He looks so serious. But, he's not a serious child. He is a serious goof. Love this boy!!!

Here's to summer and to all the fun changes it will bring...