Friday, July 30, 2010

Lance's Wedding

I can always tell if it's been a good month by how many pictures I've taken that month. Most months I average around 200. My July 2010 folder has 826. Yikes. That is a good month and a lot of pictures, and a large portion of them were taken at Jason's brother's wedding a few weeks ago. It was so fun to get the kids all dressed up and to see Lance and Tess so happy.

They make a great couple.

Abby was so excited to see herself looking so bee-you-tiful!
Tess made such a beautiful bride. The little girls were in awe.
They were so cute peeking around the curtain trying to get a glimpse of her.
Dallin wasn't very impressed to get all dressed up, but I thought he looked very handsome.

This is classic Luke. Someone pointed out that he was in background of ALL the pictures the photographer was trying to take of the groups. Here she is trying to wave him away with EVERYONE staring. Awkward! I hope she can photoshop him out. Also, during the ceremony I looked around and noticed that Luke wasn't sitting by us anymore. Then I saw him running through the aisles and on the lawn chasing butterflies or something. I was tempted to run after him, but then I thought, what is more distracting, the four-year-old running around, or the pregnant lady chasing him? I just let him roam.
The whole family.
The kids loved dancing the night away.
Especially Abby.

Good luck, Lance and Tess!


Angi said...

I never even heard Lance was getting married! beautiful pictures!

Tara said...

Hilarious that Luke is in the back of all the pics!!! Thanks for coming on Saturday-loved seeing your family again! Good luck with the new little man!

Sierra said...

you guys look great! i usally forbid all picture taking when I am pregnant. good luck on friday!