Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Update

 My mom always used to say that fall was her favorite season. I thought that was really weird. What could be better than summer? Or spring or winter? Then I realized she said that every year right around the time school was starting... hmmm, suspicious. Did she actually ENJOY us leaving her home with nothing to do? I couldn't imagine that! Until I had kids. Now fall is also MY favorite season, but there are several additional reasons. Mostly food-related. I also love the cooler temperatures, the colors, the change of pace, and of course hunting. Well, not really on the last one, but I'm trying to be supportive here, people. My life is what it is. Soooo, on to the update. The kids and I had a great trip to Burley while Jason was on a hunt somewhere (I can't keep track anymore). I went hunting. And then there was Halloween.

This is at a cute little place called The Pumpkin Patch. It is north of Paul, which is north of Burley. Who knew?
The kids with my cute, wonderful, fun, adorable mom.
Heading out to pick pumpkins. I love how Jake is always just trying to keep up!
Abby got to pick out a gourd. She named him Gordy.
Jakey in the pumpkin patch.
On the hunt for the perfect pumpkin.
One of the highlights of going to Burley: golf cart rides with Grandma.
I love this picture: my dad teaching Dallin how to play "Porcupines have Prickly Quills".  So precious!
And now on to hunting. We hiked up to the top of West Canyon and the sunrise was amazing, as always.
Oh, he's so proud of his little wifey! Mission accomplished.
Love the sunrise over Timp!
Jason and his brother Chad on the look out for deer. We actually saw some and took a few shots, but no deer were fated to die that day, which was all right with me.
We actually did a theme this year for Halloween! Kind of amazing. Luke was a  football player (Steelers).
Dallin was also a football player, but a Chicago Bear.
Abby was the referee, and Jake was the runaway football.
He was kind of a homeless little football, but what do you do.
We had a fun night of trick or treating in Grandma Yates' neighborhood. This is the best picture I could get of all four kids, which is kind of sad, but not really, because it is our life. Jake is out of focus, but I love the big grin on his face. Dallin has figured out that if he looks at the camera it will be over much sooner. Luke can only focus on his sucker. And Abby is off in space. Why do I love my kids so much? They just crack me up.


T+J said...

This is the cutest post! the pics are awesome and your kids are hilarious. I love the themed Halloween costumes and I'm soooo bummed I missed out on a trip to Burley with you guys again. It looks like the perfect trip. Love it!

Rachel said...

Super cute pictures!!!! Your kids are fabulous... Isn't it amazing how you get what you get!!! Your blog is great!