Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cabo 2012

Jason surprised me with a trip to Mexico for Valentine's Day! We met my sister Teresa and her husband James in Cabo San Lucas last week and had such a fun trip. I wish I could live it all over again! We had a great time snorkeling, hanging out at the beach, fishing from shore, deep-sea fishing, eating lots of good food, seeing amazing creatures like whales, dolphins and rays, living through many near-death experiences in the rental car and just being together. I wish we could go back! Like, right now.
Cabo 2012!
This is on Lover's Beach. How romantic!

My beautiful sister Teresa and her husband James. They are the cutest!

I miss this! I never get to see my leetle seester these days. It was so great to have a few days together.

Believe it or not, Jason's first love is fishing, not hunting. He couldn't resist buying a fishing pole at Mexican Wal Mart and fishing from shore every chance he got. The beaches were so beautiful! He even caught a few strange fish.
Like this one, for example. It looked fairly normal, until you got up close...
And it had human teeth! It looked like Mater from the movie Cars. Freaky! Jason was afraid he might lose a finger trying to get the hook out, but he finally got the job done. I was too grossed out to go near it.

We decided to go out on a limb and eat at an authentic taco stand. It was good! And, as far as I know, we all survived.
At the airport on the way home!!! Sniff, sniff. It was such a fun trip. The perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. 
Til next time!


Rachel said...

What a fun surprise... Loved your pictures... I am totally jealous! You guys are a great couple!

T+J said...

I love this!!! Haha, that fish is disgusting! he looks like a human. We keep talking about what we'd be doing right now if we were in Mexico. Best time ever! Miss you guys!!

Tara said...

Can you have J talk to Maurice about a "surprise" trip for moi? Looks amazing except for that freaking ugly fish-those teeth scared the crapola outta me! YUCK! This is why I don't eat seafood. Looks amazing and fun!