Thursday, May 10, 2012

"I let my 6 year old be lowered into a bear den by someone I met on the Internet."

Now how many people can say that? I know of exactly one - my husband. Incidentally, there was a bear IN the den at the time. A mad bear, cornered by seven hound dogs. What a fun thing for a little boy to see. Let's lower him by his feet and hang him upside down five feet from a mad bear! Here, random friend I met on, you take one leg, I'll take the other...

That wasn't the only confession Jason made after returning from his bear hunt in southern Utah this weekend.

"I also put the boys out on several ledges that were very dangerous."

Maybe some things that you might not want to share with your wife if you ever want to spend unsupervised time with your children. Ever. Again.

Just a thought.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Jason wants to spend time with the boys and take them hunting. I just sleep a lot better once they are home and safe. And I kind of wish they would keep all the details to themselves. Sheesh!


Emily said...

I kinda wish he'd kept those details to himself too! ;) But father-son bonding time is truly the best, even if it involves bears.

Wait, I take that back. No bears.

T+J said...

Jason has no fear! Dallin & Luke probably have the greatest time in the world! they'll be just like Jason when they grow up. That sounds like an awesome trip, I'd LOVE to go on a trip like that with them. One day...