Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dallin's Perfect Day

 Kids are simple creatures. You can plan and save and make huge sacrifices so they will have fun and make memories, and all they do is complain. Then you have a normal, hectic Saturday going from one thing to another, and you feel like you are about to go crazy, yet at the end of the day, your nine-year-old tells you it was the best day he's ever had. That's what happened yesterday. 
It started out with the boys' last flag football games of the season. Luke's game was first. His siblings were supportive, though slightly unenthusiastic.

Luke's friend Cooper's dad was the coach this year. They had such a fun year. Luke is a bit of a giant compared to the other boys, but that's okay. One of these years his effort is going to match his size and he is going to dominate, I'm sure of it. This year he tried hard... on games when he knew he would get $$ for each flag he pulled. The other games were a little more... relaxed.
Here he is kicking off. Just pretend the ball is way up there.
Don't get me wrong, I love to watch my kids play sports. The problem is, I don't get to watch very much. I end up chasing the devil himself around for a few hours.

Don't let his innocent appearance deceive you. He never holds this still. 

He likes to follow around every animal within a five mile radius.
And we also spend a lot of time dragging him off the playing field. Sigh. Good times.
Then it was on to Dallin's game.
He had a great game and loved every second. He requested that I call this play, "The Touchdown Throw" because he threw this for a touchdown. So here's The Touchdown Throw. Pretty proud of that old boy.

Jason was hunting during the games, so that afternoon he decided to take the kids fishing to make it up to them. Boy, did that ever work. If there's anything Dallin loves as much as sports, it's fishing. Here is Dallin displaying a beautiful little blue gill. They were pulling them in on almost every cast.

Jason let each kid reel in numerous fish. Numerous times. They were in heaven.

Luke found a bird.

Unfortunately, it was deceased at the time. If you know anything about Luke's soft heart, and his love for birds, you can imagine his sorrow. He spent a lot of time trying to dig a little grave for it in the rock hard ground.

Isn't this a pretty spot?

You'd never know we were about 10 yards from a highway. It's a private place, but don't worry, we had permission. Jason knows a guy. A guy whose dad is rumored to own it. Jason swears the guy's dad won't prosecute.
Because I mean, I'm sure we were welcome there. Those keep out messages were just meant for other people. Other people who don't know the son of the guy who probably owns the place.

Jake had to be dragged out, but at least he had a smile on his face. Note to self: Jason's thumb is in a can of worms. Then he drove using keys that touched that thumb. Now those keys are sitting on my kitchen counter, about three feet away from me right this second. I will be disinfecting right after we are through here.
Well, that was a pretty exhausting day, for me anyway. Jason took us out to dinner, and we let Dallin choose the place.
sizzler home
He decided to channel his inner senior citizen and we ended up at Sizzler. Don't get me wrong, Sizzler is great. Just not on a Saturday night when every Mormon in Utah County has the same family-friendly idea. I was sitting at the table, shoveling food in five different directions, when Dallin turned to me and said, "Mom, this was the best day ever. Fishing, football and Sizzler." Then he gave me one of those smiles that let me know that despite everything else, it was all worth it. Non-washed fish hands and all.


Hubba's Thoughts said...

Great post! I love reading your posts. Sounds like a fun/busy day! You guys are great, miss you.

Hubba's Thoughts said...

Great post! I love reading your posts. Sounds like a fun/busy day! You guys are great, miss you.

Tiffany said...

Sounds like a fun day for any kid! I love Sizzler and continue to tell Nate that we need to buy one and build it out here. Fun post and cute kids, evn the devil one;)

Rachel said...

You are a fabulous writer. You are talented. I LOVE reading your posts.. They make me laugh and cry!! I think Jason is such a cute dad...You have a great family... Thanks for sharing your life... Love you!!

carrie said...

Oh my gosh, I love your posts. I laugh out loud at your funny commentary.....and I need that so much at the (almost) end of another crazy day. : ) Your kids are growing up so fast! Tell Dallin his touchdown throw looks awesome! : )

Tara said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! So laughing out loud. Your OCD over germs kills me... just because I am the SAME WAY! I buy the Costco size bottle of Pinesol and use it in like 2 months. If I could safely bathe in it, I would. Love your posts and Jason is awesome to take the kids out all the time. And Sizzler? You should be sainted now. I'll call the Vatican.

T+J said...

Awww this post made me sooo happy. I love your pictures, you are an excellent photographer! You totally capture each moment perfectly. It looks like the nicest fall day imaginable. I love your family. Seriously, I am waaaay homesick now!! I miss you guys like crazy. I wish I could grow up again as your child and have Dally, lukey, abbs and jakey as my siblings. Tell Dallin I am SO PROUD of his touchdown throw, oh my goodness, he is amazing. Ask him if we can throw the football around by the bump over thanksgiving break in Burley. And ask Jason if we can go fishing. And ask Jake if I can roam around aimlessly with him. Haha, I LOVED the pic of Luke trying to dig a hole. I love that kid. I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks! We will make every second count. LOVE YOU!

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